Chappie won two of the four races he competed in this past weekend. That brings his total to 14 first prizes for the 2017 season.
One of the winners, TUINROETE 16/201, was bred from the Vandenabeeles of Bertus. 201 won the race from Hopetown 526km. Winning speed 1350mpm. The father of 201 is ZA 15/22655, a son of THE HAMMER and 11746. The mother is 161, a hen bred by Deon du Toit. Her father is PRINCE BLUE (WITTENBUIK 790 x LITTLE BLUE) and her mother 16888 (BANGE BLIKSEM x LADY COOLS).
Chappie also did well in the other two races winning 2,4,9,17,18, etc in the one and 3,8,9,10,25,26, etc in the other one.
More about THE HAMMER. He is a grandson of BLIKSEM and father of the of:
THU 09/15431 - 4 x 1st, 1st GPU, 1st GRPA and 1st ace pigeon GRPA.
THU 09/15432 - 3 x 1st and another sister won 2 x 1st.
ZA 15/22621 - 1st union for Dr. G Rous
THE HAMMER is a halfbrother of SUPER STAR (ZA OP 08/7882), the best bird in PE Fed in 2010 for Chalmers Lofts. She won 1 Kroonstad 723km 1530mpm, 2 Bethlehem 688km 1457mpm, 2 Kroonstad 723km 1595mpm, 3 Frankfort 816km 989mpm, etc.
Picture of THE HAMMER, grandsire of 201.


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