Retief and 1280
Eye of 43178
43178, g/father of 1280, 044 and 2449

DATE: 10 October 2017

Retief had a very good race winning 1,2,5,6,9 and 10 in the club. In the WCPTA he won 1,2,41,44,53, etc against 4264 pigeons. What makes his win remarkable is that his winner, BDU D15/2449, won the race by more than 5 minutes with a speed of 1277mpm. Retief's second bird, BDU D14/1235, won 2nd WCPTA with a speed of 1259mpm, 8 minutes before the 3rd prize WCPTA winner with a speed of 1232mpm.

Both pigeons are from the Vandenabeele lines of Bertus.

BDU D15/2449 is a daughter of Retief's super pair, GPU 13/17518 and ANZIYAN. GPU 13/17518 was bred by Bertus and is a son of ZA 11/43178 (son of super breeders GOLDEN EYE and HALF PINT) and GB 06/13163 (full sister of GOLDEN EYE). Retief bought ANZIYAN on a SCMDPR auction. 17518 and ANZIYAN is without a doubt one of the best breeding pairs in South Africa. Three of their children have won 5 WCPTA races to date against an average of 5236 pigeons per race and other brothers and sister are club first prize winners. A summary of the results of the three WCPTA winners:

BDU 15D/2449 - 1st club, 1st Union and 1st WCPTA Victoria West 456km 1277mpm 4264 pigeons, 2nd club 5 WCPTA Beaufort West 361km 1495mpm 5494 pigeons ,1st club 35th WCPTA Hanover 3-B 823 pigeons 1680mpm.
BDU D16/044 - 1st club, 1st Union and 1st WCPTA Victoria West 455km 1349mpm 4243 pigeons.
BDU D14/1280 (winner of 4 x 1st club, 3 x 1st union and 3 x 1st WCPTA)
1 WCPTA Victoria West 459km 1252mpm 5494 pigeons.
1 WCPTA Britstown 530km 1447mpm 5292 pigeons.
1 WCPTA Leeu Gamka 290km 1692mpm 6890 pigeons.
1st club 14 WCPTA Leeu Gamka 290km 1391mpm 6618 pigeons.
2nd club 47th WCPTA Victoria West 456km 1299mpm 5173 pigeons.

Retief's second bird, BDU D14/1235, also has an impressive list of prizes in the WCPTA. His best results:
2 WCPTA Britstown 530km 1447mpm 5252 pigeons
2 WCPTA Victoria West 456km 1268mpm 4264 pigeons
5 WCPTA Beaufort West 362km 1583mpm 6543 pigeons
17 WCPTA Victoria West 459km 1252mpm 5494 pigeons

The grandfather of 1235 is ZA 11/43177, the nestmate brother of ZA 11/43178 (GOLDEN EYE x HALF PINT). A son of 43177 and ZA 12/40292 (bred by Bertus out of KANNIBAAL BLIKSEM x 40180, g/daughter of WITTENBUIK 370) is the father of 1235. The mother of 1235 is a Gaby cross hen that Retief bought from Michelle Debecker.

Retief and BDU 14D/1280.

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