Jacquesco and Melvin
CC Poggenpoel with 1998
CC POGGENPOEL & SONS have done it again; another 1st prize in National Lofts winning the main race at DIAZ LOFTS 2017.
Race point: Greytown
Distance: 635km
Release: 07:30
Most races at Diaz Lofts are very tough and the main race was no exception. No birds were clocked on the day. Their winning bird is PSWU 16/4932 (called MILLENIAL 175). She was clocked at 06:59 this morning, 20 minutes before the second prize winner. Winning speed 940mpm.
MILLENIAL 175 is a daughter of THE KROONSTAD HEN (PSWU 13/04187), winner of the 2014 KROONSTAD NATIONAL LOFT main race. THE KROONSTAD HEN is also mother of PSWU 14/0855, winner of the 2015 DESPATCH NATIONAL LOFT main race. That makes THE KROONSTAD HEN the mother of two NATIONAL LOFT winners!! That is not all; she is also the mother of SUPERMAN (PSWU 15/10832) - the 1st ACE PIGEON of the DESPATCH NATIONAL LOFT 2016. The father of MILLENIAL 175 was bred from two Million Dollar pigeons; bloodlines Euro Diamond and Philippens.
MILLENIAL 175 won 3rd two weeks ago from IXOPO 525km 1240mpm. Jaquesco called Bertus after the IXOPO race and told him his money was on MILLENIAL 175 to win the main race. And the rest is history!!!
The mother of the KROONSTAD HEN is CAS 08/1998. This Hannes van der Merwe Janssen hen was bred by Bertus and given to the Poggenpoels as a present when she was 40 days old. 
CC Poggenpoel & Sons is without a doubt one of the best one loft competitors in South Africa. Their secret; they buy top performers in One Loft races, cross them with the their own pigeons and enter youngsters from these matings in one loft races. 
Jaquesco and his brother Melvin with the KROONSTAD HEN (winner of the 2014 National Loft Kroonstad) and her son PSWU 14/0855 (winner of the 2015 Despatch National Loft).

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