AMALIA - 1st Ace Pigeon Belgium 2011
Bertus's latest introduction to the breeding loft is DOMINIQUE (BELG 16/3142411). DOMINIQUE is a super handling hen and has a pedigree second to none.
Her father BELG 15/3160678 is a son of Gaby Vandenabeele's best breeder RUDY and TINA (daughter NEPTUNUS x DAUGHTER CHAMPION). RUDY is world famous because of his breeding results and is father of SUPER ROMEO (1st Ace Pigeon Belgium 2013), NEW BLIKSEM (1st National Tulle 516km 11707 pigeons) and many other super pigeons. TINA is a full sister of SPY, winner of 2nd prize in the SUN CITY MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE 2010, winning $120 000.
DOMINIQUE'S mother is MISS ACE (BELG 15/6020146), daughter of two National Ace Pigeons - NEW FREDDY (BELG 09/5052387) and AMALIA (BELG 10/9039333)!!!
NEW FREDDY was 1st Ace Pigeon of Belgium in 2010. His best results:
1st Prov Argenton 1133 birds 1149mpm
1st Prov Bourges 1499 birds 1148mpm, 10th National Bourges 17138 birds 
3rd Prov Chateauroux 1962 birds 1217mpm, 9th S-National Chateauroux 9062 birds 
1st Gien 500 birds, 6th Prov Gien 2245 birds 1194mpm
AMALIA was 1st Ace Pigeon of Belgium in 2011. Her best results:
1st Prov Vierzon 6659p (fastest 17721 pigeons)
15th NAT La Souterraine 3562 pigeons
27th NAT Argenton 19782 pigeons
10th NAT Zone La Souterraine 7848 pigeons
AMALIA'S halfbrother NIKOLAAS was 1st NAT ACE PIGEON KBDB 2013.
Picture of DOMINIQUE.


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